Young Vic Earnings Report

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Young Vic is a small theatre company based in London. They are very much community based and show some of the best productions from some of the most talented people in theatre. For this project, we were contracted to make a unique earnings report for Young Vic. This was a challenge for us, since it’s not every day that you see something different for an earnings report.

We decided to use an open source presentation framework called reveal.js, which allowed us to add a sliding effect, which would be familiar to any of the shareholders who are used to the regular PDF earnings report. We needed to heavily modify reveal.js in order to make it responsive and usable on mobile devices. We also had to edit the menu plugin for reveal, since it didn’t really meet our needs at the time.

We chose bold colours, which are used a lot in Young Vic’s promotional materials and websites, which really stand out and leave a lasting impression on the viewer.

Take a look at the unfinished product here.

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