LaunchCode is a ‘digital growth’ agency based in Liverpool, which aims to allow small businesses to grow their operations by making the best use of digital solutions. Our mission is not to make a big profit, but to assist you and other business owners in launching, growing and prospering with their business. We are new to the scene and – much to the annoyance of our big agency competitors – we provide our services at very reasonable rates.

Most of the members of our team are from a startup business background, so we know how difficult it can be to do everything as a small business. We aim to integrate with your team, regardless of size, so you can focus your efforts on what it is that makes your business great. We have expertise in building an idea from nothing and turning it into a thriving, prosperous business which benefits shareholders, employees, customers and wider society.

Working in partnership with bmicro, a marketing consultancy for micro-businesses, we aim to provide all of the services which you may need to develop your business, regardless of size.